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Powdered Gloves Have Cornstarch Added Which Makes Them Easier To Put On, Especially In Busy Locations, And Can Prevent Gloves From Sticking Together. When Powdered Gloves Are Worn For A Long Period Of Time The Powder Can Cling To User’s Skin And Cause Sensitivities Or Allergies. Cornstarch Powder May Also Contribute To Latex Allergies Or Sensitivity.
It Is Important To Note That Powdered Gloves Are Not Generally An Allergy Concern With Nitrile Or Vinyl Gloves.

Powder-Free Gloves Undergo A Process Known As Chlorination That Helps Make Latex Gloves Less Form Fitting So That Powder Is Not Needed For Easy Donning And Removal. During The Process, Gloves Are Treated With A Chlorine Solution, Rinsed With Water, And Dried To Remove Most Of The Powdered Residue And Latex Proteins.

The Downside Of The Process Is That Powder-Free Gloves Can Be Harder To Remove Quickly And May Decrease The Firmness Of The Glove’s Grip. Powder-Free Gloves Are Also More Expensive Than Powdered Gloves Due To The Extra Effort Involved In The Chlorination Process.

Powdered Latex Gloves Have Cornstarch Added To Them To Help The User Who Is Donning Them (Putting Them On) To Slide Their Hands In Easier And Faster. The Cornstarch Is Absent In Case Of Non-Powdered Gloves.

It Is 100% Corn Starch And Helps Make It Easier To Put The Gloves On Or Take Them Off

Sterile Gloves Are Defined As Sterile When They Meet The FDA Standards For Sterilization Techniques. Non-Sterile Gloves Are Not Usually Sterilized By The Manufacturer Of The Gloves, But Still Must Be Tested By The FDA After Sterilization To Ensure That They Meet The FDA’s Standard Assurance Level (SAL) For Sterilization Techniques.

It Is Important To Note That Non-Sterile Gloves Are Typically Used For Non-Surgical Medical Procedures And Examinations. Sterile Gloves Are Used To Carry Out Surgical Procedures.

One Of The Main Differences Between Non-Sterile And Sterile Gloves Is The AQL Or The Acceptable Quality Level Of Pinholes. Surgical Gloves Have A Lower AQL Than Non-Sterile Gloves, With Sterile Gloves AQL At 1.0 To 1.5 And Non-Sterile Gloves AQL At 1.5 To 2.5. The Number Refers To The Gloves In The Sample That Will Have Pinholes. So, For Example, About 1.5 To 2.5% Of The Non-Sterile Sample Gloves Would Have A Pinhole. An AQL Of 1 Means That 1% Of The Gloves Will Have Pinholes, And So On.

Virus-Protection Gloves Are Obviously In High Demand In Medical Settings, And Require Both A High Level Of Protection Against Pathogens And An Ergonomic And Practical Design.
Needlestick Or Scalpel Injuries Put Healthcare Workers At Risk Of Life-Threatening Infections Such As Hepatitis C And HIV. But A Simple Pair Of Gloves That Automatically Disinfects The Wounds Could Boost The Chances Of Avoiding Infection.
Contrary To Medical Gloves That Serve As A Barrier Between Germs And The Skin Hands, The Antiviral Gloves Can Reduce The Spread Of Infections. By Using A Disinfectant Agent (Chlorhexidine And Chloroxylenol), The Antiviral Glove Kills Virused Surfaces Upon Contact.

Look For A Comfortable, Good Barrier Protection, And Tactile Sensitivity. Individuals Who Are Diagnosed With Latex Allergies Should Not Use Natural Rubber Latex Gloves. If Powder Is Inappropriate In An Area, Select Powder-Free Gloves.


Yes. We Offer Free Sample. But You Need Pay A Small Fee For Shipping Wholesale Surgical Gloves.

Our Standard Gloves Sizing Ranges From 5.5 To 9.0 At An Increment Of 0.5. However, We Can Customize For You Wholesale Medical Gloves According To How You Want Them.

Usually Within 3 Weeks If No Customization On The Products, But It May Take Up To 60 Working Days If The Shipping Company Stock In Trouble.

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No matter what style of coconut bowl you want, based on our extensive experience, we can manufacture it. In particular, our research team supports slightly medical gloves, which makes the final product can be distinguished from the vast majority of gloves on the market.

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