Guide to the Best Surgical Gloves Manufacturers in Italy

Searched far and wide for the top suppliers of surgical gloves in Italy to no avail? Here we’ve listed the top companies manufacturing surgical gloves.

Medical surgical gloves are an integral part in protecting against viral viruses, especially these days. That’s why the need for high-quality gloves is a must as we’ll want to provide maximum protection to its users. Not only this, but higher-quality gloves also provide moisturizing and soothing properties.
Italy has many manufacturers that provide the highest quality products in the world. So in this article, we’ve listed the suppliers of the best surgical gloves in Italy where you can get the bang for your buck.

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Nitrile Surgical Gloves vs Latex Surgical Gloves

The main difference between nitrile surgical gloves and latex surgical gloves is the strength and resistance to chemicals and other corrosive materials. Nitrile gloves are generally stronger, and more durable than their latex counterparts. They are best suited for handling strong chemicals, or highly dangerous items. Latex gloves, on the other hand, are more elastic and flexible and are best suited for medical environments, where precision is key.

Before You Order

1. Scams

These days when scams are highly prevalent, make sure to do your due diligence, especially when ordering and paying high amounts.

2. Product Prices

The product prices listed on the company’s website may not be final. This is especially true these days as the demand for medical supplies, particularly that of sterile surgical gloves, is extremely high.

Best surgical gloves exporters, suppliers, and manufacturers in Italy

1.Reflexx S.p.A. Unipersonale

REFLEXX designs, develops and manufactures in collaboration with the best manufacturing companies in the Far East, Reusable and Disposable Nitrile, Latex, Vinyl and other innovative materials Gloves.

To provide, efficiently and fast, gloves for professional use having maximum protection and performance, with extreme attention to products consistency, a major value in massive productions.

Continuous search for innovative products and materials that can offer best protection at the lowest possible costs.


Reflexx is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. ISO 9001 defines the minimum requirements that the Quality Management System of an Organization must demonstrate to satisfy in order to guarantee the level of quality of the product and service it claims with the market. The ISO 9001 standard is today the best known international standard applicable to any organization.


Reflexx products meet the certifications for

Medical Devices – Reg EU 2017/745 replacing Dir . 93/42 / EEC (EN 455 1, 2, 3, 4)
Personal Protective Equipment – Reg EU 2016/425 – Decree 81/2008 – Dir. 89/686 / EEC – EN 420 – EN 374 – EN 388
FCM (Food Contact Materials) EC Regulation 1935/2004 / EEC and Regulation EU10/2011, Decree 777/82, Decree 108/92 and Italian Ministerial Decree of 21/03/1973 and subsequent amendments.

2.My Glove Depot.

my glove tepot team have been supplying disposable gloves and other disposables to healthcare and dental customers since 1993. Since the beginning, we’ve been laser-focused on providing you the highest quality, lowest priced gloves and other disposables, all combined with superb customer service.

Key Products
Hygienic Hand Sanitizer
Basic Medical Gloves
Latex Gloves

My Glove Depot is an authorized dealer for every branded item we sell. This means we have a direct connection the manufacturer, giving us an advantage in pricing, new product development and customer support.

All of Their gloves are sold by the case. By selling cases only, we streamline our warehouse and shipping processes and keep our prices low for you. It might mean you stock up a bit, but your savings in the long run are definitley worth it.

3.Icoguanti S.p.A.

Since 1968 Icoguanti S.p.A. have been working in the specialist field of hand protection and with our gloves we cover all professional and domestic uses.

A wide selection of gloves designed for every application at work and for various aspects of life, designed and developed for safety in every field, including health and medicine, food handling, mechanical work and many other sectors.
Reusable and disposable gloves, made of high quality natural latex and nitrile, supported or not, guaranteed in terms of durability, protection, wearability, and resistance.
The offer is completed by a line of disposable protective clothing for the medical, food and industrial sectors.

The high quality combined with technical know-how and experience in the sector are the basis for Icoguanti S.p.A. products that are distributed through industry divisions to provide our customers with the best solution for their business.

The main surgical gloves of Icoguanti S.p.A. are as follow:
Latex disposable Gloves
Surgical gloves
power free latex gloves


CLINI-LAB S.R.L. is an established company in the marketing and manufacture of Medical Devices, Diagnostic Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment for Public and Private Healthcare Facilities.
Founded in 1983, continues its upward trend due to significant and strong partnerships with leading industries: its primary focus is to offer high quality products and services. CLINI-LAB S.R.L. has an excellent organization: effective sales and post-sales service supported by quality management service.
The facility, located in Conselve (PD), houses the registered office and the place business of the Company: a modern 7.000 square meters warehouse and an office building of approximately 1200 square meters, recently expanded with the third floor.
CLINI-LAB S.R.L. works in compliance with a Quality Management System Certificated in accordance with the EN ISO 9001 – 2008 and EN ISO 13485 -2003 and operates according to an advanced organizational model
Most of CLINI-LAB SRL customers are of public health facilities: Local Health Structures, Hospitals as well as Universities and Research Institutes.
The supplies are a result of purchasing procedures (public tenders, contracts etc..), held by each Public Management in compliance with EU directives, national and regional regulations. Private Hospitals and Clinics, Laboratories, private Practices, private Pharmacies, represent a more limited market area in terms of turnover, but still important and strategic.
A fair amount of turnover is achieved with the cooperation of local Distributors and Wholesalers.

Key Products
Latex Surgical Gloves
Powder Free surgical Gloves
Powder Free Latex Gloves
Powder Free steriler Gloves
power free medical Gloves


Gardening is a modern business reality that has been operating for two generations in the design, production and distribution of disposable personal protective equipment.
Initially focused in the Medical sector, it quickly expanded to other high-tech industrial sectors, from chemical to pharmaceutical, from food processing to catering, which require guarantees of safety and products of the highest quality complying with national and international standards.
Innovation in order to grow from experience has always accompanied Gardening in its path of growth, supported by international partnerships with the most important production companies to ensure a constant improvement of its offer, often anticipating the times of the domestic market and marking the step of industry innovation.
The most distinctive feature of our company is its constancy in maintaining high standards of product and service.
That is why reliability is the reason for the success of the many years of relationships we have built with our customers and suppliers.

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Factory Price With High Quality Surgical Gloves

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