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Medispo surgical glove

Special Anti-Virus Technology: Special Anti-Virus Technology:

Skin-Friendly Formulation: Our Unique Chlorine-Free Formulation Production Processes Combined With The Absence Of Chemical Accelerators Known To Cause Allergic Responses Mean Skin Irritations Are Minimised Or Eliminated. Tested According To ISO EN 10993.

Easy donning:Skin friendly polymer coated for easy donning even with damp hands saving you time.

Consistent calibrated grip:The outer surface of Medispo surgical gloves are specially treated to provide a consistent grip. The grip is monitored and controlled during production and each lot must pass stringent internal grip controls before being released.

• Technical data sheet
Minimum Values
Meet EN455:2
Size 5.5 6.0 6.5 7.0 7.5 8.0 8.5 9.0
Length(mm) 250 260 260 270 270 270 280 280
Width(mm) 72±4 77±5 83±5 89±5 95±5 102±5 108±5 114±5
Average Weight
(g/per pr)
16±1 17±1 18±1 19±1 20±1 21±1 23±1 24±1
(single wall)
Average values
Middle finger(mm) 0.19±0.03
Palm(mm) 0.17±0.02
Cuff(mm) 0.14±0.02
Physical Properties
The median Values
  Before Ageing After Ageing
Force at Break(N) ≥ 9 ≥ 9
• Standards & testing certification information
International Product Standards EN 455 1-4, EN ISO 374 1-5:2016, EN ISO 21420:2019, ASTM D3577, ASTM D6978, ASTM F739, ISO 10993, AS/NZS 4179, ISO 10282, JIS T9107
Biological Evaluation EN 10993, Primary Skin Irritation Test, Dermal Sensitization Assay, Cytotoxicity Test
Additional tests Viral Penetration PPE Compliance (ASTM F1671), Chemotherapy Drugs (ASTM D6978), Chemical Residue
Quality/ Environmental Standards ISO 9001, ISO 13485:2016, ISO 14001
• Packing information
Pouch material Long or square plastic peel pouch
Packing Quantity Pouch:
Inner box:
Shipping Carton:

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