Product Detail


Medispo® Pristine PND Features:

Soft and tough:Medispo-Pristine PND is our softest formulation glove, and delivers an enhanced level of comfort and tactility. Pristine PND’s formulation is also tough with remarkable tensile strength and force at break.


Low protein: Although made from Natural Rubber Latex a breakthrough in HBM’s proprietary processes allows HBM to reduce NRL proteins to below detectable levels. Minimising exposure to NRL proteins may reduce the potential to cause an allergic

sensitisation to patients and wearers.


Skin-friendly formulation:Our unique chlorine-free formulation production processes combined with the absence of chemical accelerators known to cause allergic responses mean skin irritations are minimised or eliminated. Tested according to ISO EN 10993.


Consistent calibrated grip:The outer surface of Medispo surgical gloves are specially treated to provide a consistent grip. The grip is monitored and controlled during production and each lot must pass stringent internal grip controls before being released.


Factory Price With High Quality Surgical Gloves

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