T-Polyure Coating Medical Surgical Gloves,
Powder Free, Sterile

TPC Medical Surgical Gloves

Medispo® TPC Features:

Comfort, dexterity and protection: Building upon 20 years feedback from Our customers HBM have designed a new mould to better fit with clinician’s hands. Our new mould offers high-level comfort and dexterity. You may use Medispo TPC as your onlyglove, or as an overglove when double-gloving with a Medispo Latex Underglove to helpprotect you and your patients with perforation detection.

Protection: Computer control and predictive quality analytics (AI) mean that each glove undergoes rigorous quality controls before release. In addition, each glove is 100% air-leaked and visually inspected.

Skin-friendly formulation: Our unique chlorine-free formulation production processes combined with the absence of chemical accelerators known to cause allergic responses mean skin irritations are minimised or eliminated. Tested according to ISO EN 10993.

Easy donning: Skin friendly polymer coated for easy donning even with damp hands saving you time.

Consistent calibrated grip: The outer surface of Medispo surgical gloves are specially treated to provide a consistent grip. The grip is monitored and controlled during production and each lot must pass stringent internal grip controls before being released.


Factory Price With High Quality Surgical Gloves

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